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[SA]GTA N00bmode V2
[ · Download from mirror (2.638 MB) ] 01.05.2011, 3:24 PM
New features:
- Homie Creation: Create a huge gang!
- Car Blowup: Place a bomb in your car.
- Get money: Get as many as you want.
- Bullet Time: Slowmotion
- Carflip mod: Your car will be flipped when he's up-side-down.
- And everything is placed in a huge menu!
- You can player missions now.
- Almost none crashes!

Other features:
- Carspawnmod: Spawn every vehicle where you want.
- Weaponspawnmod: Elk wapen tot je beschikking.
- Superbrake mod: Very good brakes for yout car.
- NOS mod: n2o-boost.
- Infinite Car mod: Infinite car.
- Infinite Player: You can't go dead.
- Wanted level control mod: The wanted level is under your control.
- Superbikeskill mod: You will never fall of your bike again.
- Teleport mod: You can go very simple to nice places in SA.
- Save Anywhere mod: You can save now where you want!

There are now three versions:
- Normal Version: The normal missions and story line + the n00bmode.
- Opened Up Version: The Opened Up mod + the n00bmode.
- Stripped Version: Onely the n00bmode in a empty GTA.
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