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[IV]Car Dealer Ship
[ · Download from mirror (Various Sizes) ] 01.05.2011, 3:16 PM
DotNet Version BETA 0.2

Asi loader - Alexander Blades asi Loader
Scripthook .net - Hazardx's Scripthook

1.Make sure you have an asi loader and Hazardx's .net scripthook and Aru's scripthook
2.Place Car in your scripts folder in your gta 4 directory

-Spawned cars at a location
-Blip on the map saying Lilmcnessy Autos
-Buying Cars
-Stealing Cars
-Automatically spawning and despawning cars
-The cars are deleted when the script is reloaded
-The cars are forgotten when blown up or dead
-Guards attack you when you steal or damage a car and you recieve a wanted level

Updates Since BETA 0.1
-Fixed Framerate Issue
-Fixed Spawning Issue
-Incresed wanted level for stealin car to 2

Updates Since BETA 0.2
-Added guards who attack when you damage a car or steal a car
-When you steal a car you get a 2 star wanted level and when you damage a car you get a 1 star
-You must let the cars respawn before you go back to the dealership if you damage any cars ( you can do so by driving a distance away)
-Fater framerate
-Better, shorter code
-More stable

-(Unconfirmed)The game may crash
-Framerate lowers when you are close to dealership

While in Car
E = Buy Car
G = Steal Car
F = Exit Car

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